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Everything you need to know about gemstones

Everything you need to know about Gemstones

Gemstones have their importance in the astrology and in the middles ages only the king and other high authorities were allowed to wear Gemstones. There are so many benefits that you can get from the Gemstones and they have been proving it since they are in use for successful business man. Astrology is wide and here are some of the gemstones that you can use as for some particular things.

Ruby – Manikya – Sun

Ruby represents Sun and it the costliest gem that you can find on the earth. The gem is helpful for your eyes, and to boost your self-esteem as per Vastu Consultant in Delhi.

Pearl – Moti – Moon

The pearls are said to be the best with people who have stomach problems or much frequent headaches.

Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj – Jupiter

This is again the costly stone which shows all the truthfulness of the one who wears it as mentioned by Gemstone Astrologer in Delhi.

Coral – Moonga – Mars

Several diseases can be ward off from your body with the help of the Coral gem.

Emerald – Panna – Mercury

This is known to be the best to have perfect control of nervous and intestinal portions.

Diamond – Heera – Venus

If you wear this one from your Astrologer in Delhi, then you will be clearer about your goal in life and you will be systematic and more focused for your life than you were before.

Cat’s Eye – Lehsunia – Ketu

If you think you have some witch craft on yourself then this gemstone can save you from the witch craft.

Hessonite – Gomed – Rahu

Rahu is an evil spirit and this is to keep you away from rahu as to lead a much better life without any external force and problems.

Blue Sapphire – Neelam – Saturn

This helps you to stay strong in odd times and is one of the beautiful stones.

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