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Crystal Tree

The crystal tree is basically a Feng Shui gem tree which is very popular in the traditional Feng Shui School. The major thing about this crystal tree is its gems.

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Vastu Yantra

If you are suffering from Vastudosha than with the usage of Vastuyantra you can eliminate the ill effects of the dosha. A vastuyantra is a sacred object that refutes the weaknesses and harmful effects of the Vastudosha.

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The gemstones are called NavRatna (Nine gems). According to the gemology all of the nine stones are not hundred percent precious but they valuable in terms of their relation to the planets. They are very considerable for providing the remedy to the major problems faced by the individual users. From the age old tradition of our Vedic period, it is believed that the NavRatna have the healing powers.

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A pyramid is one of the most powerful tools in astrology, it helps in balancing the positive vibration around you and will eliminate the negativity. With the usage of the pyramid, one can strengthen their hidden talents and achieve a successful tomorrow. You can achieve good health and happiness by just placing the pyramid into your house, office, underground or any much-needed place you want to. At VidhushiVastu and Astrologer, you will find a variety of pyramids with the utmost finest quality. Pyramids are also ideal for correcting vastu, you do not need to break your houses and offices just place a pyramid and all in the world will be good.

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