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Astrology and your karma

Astrology and Your Karma

There are a few laws of Karma some people believe, “what goes around comes back around”, “as you sow, so shall you reap”. It is not a tit-for-tat theory, not it is an arbitrary human creation. The Karman and Phala, act and fruit, are less a product of anyone’s sense of justice. All the things do not happen all at once in the world, a big thanks to the limitations of time, space and causation.

The top Astrologer in Delhi attempts in their main analyses to interpret the diversities and intensities of a particular person’s karmas in a particular domain of life. They also assume, the human condition mostly arises from a dynamic interaction between the fate and free will. Though people are not ruled by fate alone, it might seem so until the true free will emerges. Free will can surely invest the quantity and quality of efforts made to modify a situation or in transforming a simple change in life.

Here are the three degrees of karmic intensity which may apply to one and many in life:

Dridha Karma: It allows fixed outcomes because they are so difficult to change and are practically non-changeable. Such karmas, pleasurable or painful, are certainly destined to be experienced by us because of the intensity of their causes.

Dridha- Adridha Karma: It occurs when some horoscope factors relating to an area, in particular, converge in their indications. Such karmas, whether good or bad, can be changed through the concentrated application of creative will, by making considerable efforts to change it. They provide fixed or non-fixed outcomes according to the efforts employed.

Adridha Karma: They are known to deliver non-fixed outcomes because they can be easily altered. When no confluence exists in any horoscope, Adridha Karma is present. This state is akin to have a clean slate on which one may write what they please.

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