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Vastu Shastra Course

NEW SYLLABUS FOR VASTU COURSE------ 1. Story of Vastupurush 2. About five elements 3. Main directions and their deities. 4. Types of land 5. Examination of land 6. Purification of land. 7. All Directions and degrees. 8. Main entrance. 9. Types of plot. 10. Open space. 11. Height and Weight 12. Marm and Atimarm places of vastu purush 13. Muhurat 14. Dates According to panchang 15. Nakshtara 16. Bhoo Sayan and Bhoomi rajaswala 17.Rahu mukh vichar 18. Astam lagan vichar 19. Abhijeet muhurat. 20. Ravi vaam vichar 21. Selection of plot 22. vrish vastu chakra 23.Types of plot and their effects 24. Fengshui vastu 25.Direction an degrees in detail 26. Remedial vastu for ......... POOJA GHAR,BATH ROOM,COMMON BATH ROOM,KITCHEN,BEDROOM,BORING,UNDER GROUND WATER TANK,BASEMENT,CEPTIC TANK,CASH ROOM,MEDICAL ROOM,TV,SHOERACK,STAIRS,TANK ETC...26. REMEDIAL FOR COMMERCIAL VASTU....FOR....SHOWROOM,SHOP,OFFICE,COMPUTER CENTRE,HOTEl,RESORT,GUEST HOUSE,HOSTEL,RESTAURENT,HOSPITAL,DISPENSARY,CLINIC,CINEMA HALL,CLUB,SCHOOL,UNIVERSITY,INDUSTRY.......
27. Colours as per directions............

The Hindu ancient and traditional known system of architecture is known as Vastu Shastra, which can accurately translate the science of architecture. In the Indian subcontinent, the texts were found that describe the principles of, layout, ground preparation, spatial geometry design, space arrangement and measurements. Life is a hub of problems but some solutions are in our hands, by applying Vastu Shastra in your life you can live the moments in your life blissfully. At VidhushiVastu and Astrologer you can learn about this joyous art, our qualified and experienced Vastu Shastra experts will teach you about the workings of this course. It is trusted by numerous experienced astrologers around the world that Vastu Shastra works in an efficient manner if used properly. An improper structure of a house building or an office building can literally cause bad effects on individual’s lives who are residing in the building. Learn the art of Vastu Shastra to help yourself and your friends and family to reduce the misfortune at home or office. Have you ever notices that some are always troubled when it comes to their office and home, all this problem can be solved if you got Vastu knowledge with you. After the completion of your course, the knowledge you will gain will not be profitable for you but you can help others too and become a qualified Vastu Shastra astrologer.

Certificate Course in Vastu Shastra

Vastu is an ancient Indian shaastra of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

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