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Crystal Tree

The crystal tree is basically a Feng Shui gem tree which is very popular in the traditional Feng Shui School. The major thing about this crystal tree is its gems. Each tree comes with a different range of crystals, sometimes mix and sometimes the tree is made up of one single gem. There is a wide range of crystal trees available in the market but you will find the finest quality in the store as well as in the online store of Vidhushi Vastu and Astrologer. For the enhancements in your crystal tree, you can add some more different types of gems and Chinese coins for abundance. You can put your crystal tree in tour house, bedroom or office. The crystal tree will bring positivity and prosperity to you.

Crystal Tree

Yes! Its true… These wonderful little gemstone trees offer a powerful feng shui cure. In traditional feng shui, trees create a space where chi, or life-force energy can freely flow. The energy of gemstone trees is one of freely flowing abundance. Whether you place this little crystal tree in your home as a decoration, on your altar for its symbolic value, the gemstone tree is a beautiful all by itself. Each tree features a piece of wood as its base,with a wire tree “growing up” up from a base of small gemstone chips, and blossoming outward into beautiful gemstones that represent the trees leaves. Use these little gemstone trees to “grow” positive energy in your life and attract positive energy into your home, spells, and meditation.

Crystal Tree

The actual crystal used to represent the tree’s leafs does have an impact on what properties the gem tree will hold. Anamethyst crystal tree for example is said to offer incredible support for the mind, helping to increase psychic powers, offer wisdom, and otherwise attain such mental qualities. Use the amethyst gemstone tree to promote your own psychic abilities and thrive, or otherwise help give rise to the growth of wisdom.

A carnelian gemstone tree on the other hand is said to increase concentration and motivation. The Carnelian Gemstone tree is a feng shui tool that helps in creating new beginnings or nurturing a new project or relationship you would like to prosper. How to these gemstone trees work? Simply place it in your home, office, or on an altar, and the gemstone tree will go to work to help you in many ways.

Citrine Crystal Tree Yellow

You can use the Citrine Crystal Gem Tree to Feng Shui your way to a better.

Place it in the Southeast of living rooms, office, shops, work desk, near cash registers and important areas in your business premises to bring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes, increase income and windfall luck. The Southeast governs Wealth Luck and with Citrine being the ultimate wealth enhancer, the effect can be incredible!

Crystal Tree Suppliers

Place it in the Northwest to increase money luck and opportunities from helpful people in your business pursuits or career. Vidushi vastu & Astrologer is well known Suppliers of Crystal Tree products.

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It can also help prevent bad dreams and helps those suffering from add.Amethyst is great for helping to still the mind. This tree would be really good placed by the side of your bed to help you have a good nights sleep.

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